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An Empath’s Prayer

May I see with my heart and feel with focused awareness. May I hold strong to who I am as the world rushes around me and through me, in the world, but not of the world and ever mindful. May … Continue reading

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It takes a gypsy to catch a gypsy. And birds of a feather….well, you know. I love the way we find each other, wounds and all.

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Joy Is

I originally penned this back in 2006 when my daughter was younger.  She’s just turned 13 and she’s managed to keep a sense of wonder about her that always makes me smile.  This is for her… “Joy Is” Joy is … Continue reading

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The Earth Sings

Can you hear it? The ancient hum of an old forest, the sway of the harvest in the fields, the gentle babble of a stream over smooth stones, the choreography of fireflies on a summer night. Can you hear it? … Continue reading

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The Poetry in the Prose: I Remember

Skin still damp from swimming in the lake most of the day, we donned sweat shirts and blue jeans as evening faded to dusk. My brother, and sister, and I huddled as close to the campfire as we dared while … Continue reading

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Storm Fever?

I’m in the mood for a good storm. In my mind it would begin like this: early autumn evening cool electric twisting trees the color of fire clouds hurry, racing twilight dark dancing towers froth and provoke an indigo bruised … Continue reading

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Short & Sweet

I need to park my snark silence my sarcasm and muscle my meanness into submission. I need to shine and be salty think on loveliness and gravitate towards true beauty. I need to acknowledge darkness transform and BE light, love, … Continue reading

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