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An Empath’s Prayer

May I see with my heart and feel with focused awareness. May I hold strong to who I am as the world rushes around me and through me, in the world, but not of the world and ever mindful. May … Continue reading

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The Scents of the Season

I want to bake something special, make it taste like love and Yule. ¬†So, I’m beginning with building my own “extract” with raw honey, molasses, and mulling spices. Specifically, I love this blend of spices: ¬†Kerridwen’s Cauldron Mulling Spices It’s … Continue reading

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The Earth Sings

Originally posted on Catching Wonder:
Can you hear it? The ancient hum of an old forest, the sway of the harvest in the fields, the gentle babble of a stream over smooth stones, the choreography of fireflies on a summer…

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Oh, crap.

I was contemplating what I could add to a compost pile to reduce the amount of kitchen waste that gets put in my trash: rotten things, broken things, discarded things, dead things, crap. Why spend time considering such possibilities? Compost … Continue reading

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God is good.

Waiting room: a place to sit and wait, and wait, and wait. We were at the doctor’s office for three hours . Most of that time spent waiting, waiting for a final diagnosis that has taken a year and three … Continue reading

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Saying No to My Comfort Zone

The words escaped my mouth before I had time to draw them back in. My heart quickened. Fear threatened an anxiety attack. There are times when saying no to an opportunity is a good thing, healthy even. Then there are … Continue reading

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Summer Bloom

I love waking up to sunshine and wildflowers.

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