God is good.

Waiting room: a place to sit and wait, and wait, and wait. We were at the doctor’s office for three hours . Most of that time spent waiting, waiting for a final diagnosis that has taken a year and three months. Tick tock, tick tock, and then the doctor said, Post Concussive Syndrome. The treatment? Time. More waiting.

God is good.

What does my day look like? Breakfast. Morning nap. Light chores, unless I’m too dizzy. Mid morning nap. Spend time with Gabrielle. Help her manage her daily migraines. Lunch. Afternoon snooze. Notice a pattern? My day is a series of cat naps, long naps, and resting with my eyes closed. Being so very dizzy wears me out.

God is good.

Am I delusional? No. I’m alive. January 14, 2014 my car hit a patch of black ice that sent me spinning off the road. The car rolled twice. Crunching metal. Bursting glass. And peace. I was acutely aware that God was with me. No sooner had the car landed upright and a young lady raced to me, “Are you OK? I’m calling 911.” Shaking so hard I could barely hold onto the phone I called my mother. With tears in her voice she prayed over me, asking God and His angels to watch over me, send me comfort, reassurance. Less than a minute later, the first responder showed up on the scene, a man I knew from my church. I’d lost my gloves. They had flown out window. He held my shaking hands with his warm gloves, stayed with me through the whole process. My own personal angel.

God is good.

The car was so badly mangled, the emergency crew had to implement the extractor. They kept starring at what was left of the car, shaking their heads in disbelief that I was alive. The roof had caved in, except for a small area directly over my head. I didn’t have a single broken bone. I had survived.

God is good.

I’ve been frustrated. My brain doesn’t like to concentrate anymore. (It took me a LOT of time to write this.) I’ve been depressed. Sat and cried. I’ve been angry. Shook my fist and asked why. I’ve hobbled through the stages of grief with a cane in my hand to keep me upright. I’ve been in the darkness. But I choose not to dwell in it. I have my life and a light to shine.

God is good.

So I’m waiting. Waiting to recover. Waiting on God and resting in His love and grace.

God is good.


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