Joy Is

I originally penned this back in 2006 when my daughter was younger.  She’s just turned 13 and she’s managed to keep a sense of wonder about her that always makes me smile.  This is for her…


“Joy Is”

Joy is twirling a pink umbrella
without reason
without rain

Joy is dancing with a yellow ducky
‘round the bathroom in delight
wearing the only suit you were ever born in

Joy is laughing at purple violets
that sprung up

Joy is starring up at blue skies
in wonder
of the many shapes of clouds that pass by

Joy is a pair of fancy white sandals
worn every day, plus Sunday
just because

Joy is sneaking chocolate chip cookie dough
straight from the mixing bowl
before it has a chance to get baked

Joy is praising God for green leaves
that are too high on the tree to reach
for now

Joy is a red sand pail
all shinny and new
that waits for the promise of warmer weather

Joy is all these little things
seen through the eyes of a child

Joy is where you find it

Joy is…

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10 Responses to Joy Is

  1. Joyce says:

    Oh, how beautiful. I believe Mom’s do not forget a thing her children does.

  2. Your posts are beautiful, and I’d like to nominate you for the Versatile Blogger award!

  3. You are the mother every child should have.

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