A Candle for Santa

The store was bustling with shoppers. Andy Williams could be heard singing out from the store’s piped in music, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” Santa Clause was stationed just slightly off from the toy department. A long line of children stood with their parents in tow, all anxiously waiting their turn to climb into Santa’s lap and tell him what they wanted most for Christmas.

The Miller women had come out to shop with the holiday crowds. As they starred at the lengthy line of children waiting to see Santa, Ana asked Isabelle, “Do you want to?”

“No.” Isabelle nonchalantly replied. She fiddled with the blanket that she’d wrapped her baby Jesus in.

“No?” She’s only four.  Ana thought, Could she be ready to give up on make believe all ready?  Or maybe the line looks too long to her.

Isabelle thought for a moment, and then started to rethink her decision. “Well, maybe.”


“Maybe someone should tell him,” Isabelle explained hesitantly, holding her doll tightly.

“Tell him what, sweetie?”

“It’s not about him.”

This response caught Ana off guard a bit, but she was encouraged by the way her daughter had spoken such a simple truth. “Do you wanna tell him that?” The idea seemed kind of crazy, but why not. Why not share the truth of Jesus with this department store Santa Clause?

Isabelle peered at all those adults standing in line with their children. It was an awfully long line. They would have to wait and wait and wait, and Isabelle didn’t know if she could wait that long. But it was important. That man in a red stuffed costume, he didn’t fool her. She was a big girl now and didn’t believe in Santa Clause. Santa Clause was for babies. Jacob Hyde had told her so, and Jacob must know what he was talking about ‘cause he was older than her.  That man needed to be told about Jesus. Suddenly, an idea came to her.

“Oh, oh, mommy! We need to go shopping!” Ana was a bit puzzled at this, but Isabelle went on to explain. “We need to buy a candle!”

“A candle?”

Why did mommy have to repeat everything she said tonight? “Yes, a candle for Santa!”


Years ago I wrote a Christmas story that I liked so well, I published it.  What you just read was an excerpt from the book.  Wanna read more?  You can get your own copy here: http://www.lulu.com/shop/april-milam/a-candle-for-santa/paperback/product-15997277.html

Merry Christmas!!

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