Riddle me this. What does the image say to you?

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21 Responses to Perception

  1. Spinning into fading sun

  2. Gardner's World says:

    Always be prepared to face your fear

  3. Joyce says:

    Days in the past when I loved being in the air. Joyce Poisel. You will find me at poiseljoyce and my blog is Progress of Creation

  4. It makes me think..”If this goes any higher I’m going to head butt that big tall white thing!”
    Thanks for the like on my blog April…Nice to see you there.

  5. Christian says:

    Feeling kind of lonely here….

  6. johndiestler says:

    Okay, been here before, I think….

  7. Lovely photo with great light. I have a sense of last pleasures snatched before sunset.

  8. Last ride of the day, just before they stop operations and begin dismantling it for transport to the next town.

  9. Madhu says:

    Says stomach churning fun!!!
    Beautiful shot April. Thanks for the like over at my blog earlier.

  10. rsmithing says:

    A moment of serendipity, however fleeting, is worth remembering.

  11. wildsherkin says:

    Memories of watching my two little girls loving every minute of it (who aren’t so little anymore) while I stood below with my heart in my mouth…

  12. Live outside your comfort zone! Amazing picture!

  13. dweezer19 says:

    It’s State Fair time! I love the swings. And the Zephyr. And corn dogs, pretzels and winning cheesy stuffed toys on the midway! Ahhhh..good times.

  14. Candace says:

    Wild childhood abandon.

  15. Svelte says:

    Hold tight and enjoy the ride.

  16. F=m(v^2)/r
    Beautiful shot!

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