a new blog

a new blog

A few years ago, we visited a butterfly sanctuary, and this little guy landed on my hand.  He felt delicate and magical perched on my finger.  I searched for words to describe our brief encounter.  There’s something that happens to your heart in a moment like this.  It feels like catching wonder.

I go through cycles of writing and resting from writing. No more resting. I got a new blog to celebrate a new season of writing, of catching wonder with words, if that’s possible. Here’s to a new adventure.

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4 Responses to a new blog

  1. Patsy Foust says:

    I just ran across smoe poem that you had wrote for grandma. She has always kept them..

  2. Viviankay says:

    so glad you are writing again I have always believed it was something God called you to.

  3. SFriant says:

    Wonderful! I started blogging in order to make sure I would take time to write. It has been a true blessing! I take my writing much more seriously now, plus, I have gotten “better” at it!

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