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Storm Fever?

I’m in the mood for a good storm. In my mind it would begin like this: early autumn evening cool electric twisting trees the color of fire clouds hurry, racing twilight dark dancing towers froth and provoke an indigo bruised … Continue reading

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It’s about the process, not the product.

Writing fascinates me.  If you know me well, you’ve heard me stutter, stumble, ramble into randomness, lose my train of thought, and then lose it again, get side tracked –LOOK, shiny object– dyslexify, discombobulate, and repeat my words.  Writing conquers … Continue reading

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Short & Sweet

I need to park my snark silence my sarcasm and muscle my meanness into submission. I need to shine and be salty think on loveliness and gravitate towards true beauty. I need to acknowledge darkness transform and BE light, love, … Continue reading

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Ongoing Revisions

“A Human Becoming” I am not a human being. That would imply something stagnant. I am a human becoming. I grow with the passing of time and circumstance. To be or to become, that is question. For if I be, … Continue reading

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I can see it.

The forest is sweet with shade and speckled with sunlight.  Patches of moss carpet the floor, cool and spongy under my bare feet.  I like the way it feels. It makes me smile. There are soft yellow southern sun drops … Continue reading

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a new blog

A few years ago, we visited a butterfly sanctuary, and this little guy landed on my hand.  He felt delicate and magical perched on my finger.  I searched for words to describe our brief encounter.  There’s something that happens to … Continue reading

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